Purchasing Computers and Software

Computer Purchases

Please review the DCP IT  Purchasing policy before continuing. It’s located here.

IT support begins when you are thinking of purchasing a computer with UF funds. The process is:

  1. Send email to help@dcp.ufl.edu to request quote.
  2. DCP IT will consult with user to identify the user’s computer needs and request a quote for a computer that meets those needs.
  3. DCP IT will email the quote to the chair/director, the office manager (or other designated person) and the user. Then, DCP will close the ticket.
  4. Once the quote is approved and the computer is purchased, delivered and ready to be configured, the office manager (or other designated person) will send an email to help@dcp.ufl.edu and indicate where to pick up the computer.
  5. DCP IT will pick up the computer and configure it so that the computer meets the users needs. This process will take five business days or less 90% of the time.
  6. DCP IT will close the ticket once the computer has been set up for and given to the user.

Computer Retirement or Transfer

When a computer is no longer needed (usually due to the purchase of a new computer), it will be retired and possibly used elsewhere. The process is:

  1. All retirements of UF-owned computers should be coordinated with the academic unit’s property custodian.
  2. Send an email to help@dcp.ufl.edu to coordinate the retirement of the computer.
  3. If the computer is to be transferred to another user, DCP IT will rebuild the computer, which will ensure no restricted or sensitive data is on the computer when transferred.
  4. DCP IT will consult with the new user, configure the computer to meet the user’s needs and close the ticket when the process is completed.

Software Purchasing

Software purchasing is a similar process to purchasing computers. Please review the software UF has to offer here.

  1. Send an email to help@dcp.ufl.edu. Include the desired software and your academic unit name.
  2. DCP IT will provide a quote to you and to whomever is in charge of purchasing for the user. DCP IT will close the ticket.
  3. A new ticket will be created to install the software. Depending on the software, it can take anytime between 30 minutes to 2 hours to install the software. Please keep this in mind when scheduling an appointment to have software installed.
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