DCP College Committees
AS OF: AY 2017-2018
Permanent Committees

DCP Administrative Council (1 x month)
C. Anumba Dean – Chair
A. Chini Associate Dean
M. Portillo Associate Dean
N. Nawari Assistant Dean
M. Portillo IND Chair
J. Alread SoA Director
R. Issa CM Interim Director
T. Gurucharri LAE Chair
K. Larsen SLAP Director
M. McGlothlin Faculty Council Rep
R. Srinivasan UF Senate (senate term)

DCP Tenure & Promotion Committee
ARC C. Hailey (2017-2019)
CM S. Ahrentzen (2017-2019)
IND N. Park (2016-2018)
SLAP R. Steiner –(2017-2019)
At Large I. Flood (2017-2019)
At Large M. Carr (2016-2018)

Unit members: 2 years
At Large: 3 years
Chair: annually – to be determined

DCP Consultative Council
C. Anumba Dean
Z. Peng Ph.D. Director
S. Watts Director of Development
J. Frey Communications
M. McGlothlin Faculty Council Rep.
K. Sowell Assoc. Director, Admin Svcs.
M. Hylton HP Director
M. Carr SBE Director (2018)
M. Kung Global Education Director
M. Portillo DCP ex officio
A.Thomas GeoPlan Center
B. O’Dell Shimberg Research Ctr.
S. Schattner Staff Advisory Committee
B. Matckie IT Office

DCP Faculty Council
ARC M. Kuenstle (2015-2018)
ARC M. McGlothlin, Chair (2014-2017)
CM R. Srinivasan (2017-2020)
CM L. Muszynski (2015-2018)
IND J. Meneely (2015-2018)
SLAP K. Frank (2016-2019)
SLAP M. Carr (2018)

Unit members: 3 years
Chair: 1 year

DCP Finance Committee (2x semester)
ARC B. Walters – Chair(2017-2018)
CM S. Ahrentzen (2017-2020)
IND N. Park
SLAP A. Alakshendra
DCP A. Chini ex officio
DCP K. Sowell ex officio

Unit members: 3 years
Chair: 1 Year

DCP Curriculum Committee
ARC M. McGlothlin
CM J. Sullivan
IND C. Carmel-Gilfilen, Chair
SLAP R. Steiner
DCP A. Chini, ex officio
DCP N. Nawari, ex officio

Unit members: no term limits
Chair: 1 year

DCP Computer & Tech Committee
ARC Lee-Su Huang
CM I. Flood
IND J. Meneely
SLAP A. Alakshendra
DCP B. Matckie
DCP A. Chini, ex officio
Chair: 1 year

DCP Ph.D. Committee (1x semester) no term limits
Chair Z. Peng
ARC H. Zou
CM I. Flood
IND N. Park
SLAP R. Steiner
DCP M. Portillo ex officio
DCP N. Nawari ex officio

DCP College Committees
AS OF: AY 2017-2018
AD-HOC College Committees

Awards Committee (as needed)
Includes: previous recipients of TOY/Adviser and Faculty Service Award.

ARC M. Kohen(2015-2018)
CM C. Kibert (2017-2018)
DCP M. Kung, Chair (2017-2018)
IND E. Cunningham (2017-2020)
SLAP R. Steiner (2017-2020)
Staff Ad S. McIntosh (2017-2020)
Staff Awards I. McCray (2017-2020)
Members: 2 years
Chair: 1 year

Space Committee (as needed)
ARC J. Maze (2016-2018)
CM J. Sullivan (2017-2019
IND J. Meneely, Chair
SLAP T. Gurucharri (2017-2019)
DCP A. Chini, ex officio

Members: 2 year term (staggered)
Chair: Permanent/Continuing

Strategic Plan Implementation Committee
ARC B. Walters
CM I. Flood
IND S. Bosch, Chair
SLAP P. Zwick
DCP M. Portillo, ex officio

(Meets as needed)

Public Relations Committee – as needed
DCP J. Frey, Chair
ARC B. Walters
CM E. Minchin
IND S. Bosch
SLAP T. Gurucharri
CM M. Croushore
DCP S. Watts

Witters Competition (October?)
Chair – TBD
ARC J. Alread
CM R. Srinivasan
IND C. Carmel-Gilfilen
SLAP T. Gurucharri

Staff Advisory Council (1x semester)
ARC S. McIntosh (2018)
CM S. Schattner, Chair (2018)
IND M. Matckie (2019)
SLAP K. Silva (2019)
DCP S. Cruger (2019)

Unit members: 2 years (stagger dates)

Awards committee, by end of September

T&P Committee, first week of October

Staff Advisory Committee, first week of October

College Finance Committee, convene by mid-November

Space Committee, convene by mid-November