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About DCP IT

DCP IT is the computing services group for the College of Design, Construction, and Planning. We provide a wide variety of technical services to our users; such as, email help, computer and printer purchases, storage, etc.. Our goal is to provide the best user experience to all of our faculty and staff in the most timely manner.

DCP IT Policies

Submitting a Ticket

Before contacting us with any non-emergency issue, we ask that you read the services section and submit a ticket.

  1. To submit a ticket, simply send an email to
  2. You will receive an auto-response message letting you know your ticket was received by the system.
  3. Once a ticket is submitted, a technician will respond within 24 hours.
  4. Please respond to the technician’s email or voice mail as appropriate. The technician may need additional information from you or to schedule a time to come to your office.
  5. If you need to add information to your original ticket, please respond to the auto-response message so the new information is added to the original ticket. Please do not send another email to unless it’s for a separate issue.
  6. If your computer is down, please call us during office hours at 352-294-1429.

In Case of Emergency

In the event of an emergency:

  • If it is during work hours, please call 352-294-1429.
  • If it is after work hours, please call the UF Help Desk at 352-392-HELP. They have a 24-hour service.
  • After calling the help desk, please submit a ticket to DCP IT so we can document the issue.

Connecting to the UF Wireless Network

To connect to the UF wireless network, click on your appropriate device below.


DCP IT provides services to faculty, staff and graduate assistants within the College of Design, Construction and Planning. Any students that are needing support will need to contact the UF Computer Help Desk at 392-HELP.

Please read your relevant section below before submitting a ticket:

FAQ and Common Issues

If we are unavailable and you have an issue that is not an emergency, check to see if there’s already a solution online here.

Personal Devices

DCP IT can provide very limited support to non-University of Florida computers. A University of Florida computer is the computer you have been provided with by the college or your department/school.

UFIT Policies

We ask that you review the University of Florida policies below. This is to ensure that none of the policies are violated and you are current with them.

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