College Critical Dates and Deadlines

Midterm Review for the College of Design, Construction and Planning

Tenure & Promotion Timeline for the College of Design, Construction and Planning: AY 2018

Spring term
Faculty members notifies their unit head about their intentions to be considered for tenure and/or promotion. A faculty member shall apply no later than July 1 for tenure or promotion consideration.

Candidate will enter the online promotion and tenure (OPT) system and indicate his or her preference on waiving the right to review the outside evaluator letters.

Candidate shall submit a list of names that may be considered as outside evaluators no later than July 1.

Optional in house review of a dossier draft by senior faculty member and associate dean.

Candidate deadline to submit the package to the unit no later than July 14.

Tenure and promotion material sent out by the unit staff for external review.

Department/School review & eligible tenured faculty complete vote no later than September 20.

Chairs/Directors letters uploaded to OPT system no later than October 10.

Candidate shall have ten (10) days from the receipt of the unit head’s letter to submit a written response.

Certified packet is ready for viewing by DCP Tenure and Promotion committee no later than October 20.

DCP Tenure and Promotion committee reviews and votes on cases no later than November 20.

Dean reviews cases and writes letters.

Candidates shall have ten (10) days from the receipt of the dean’s letter to request a meeting with the dean or submit a written response.

January 15
College administrative staff submits candidate packages to the University Academic Personnel Board.

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