DCP Computer Replacement


The purpose of DCP computer replacement program is to maintain a replacement cycle of personal computer equipment within the useful and expected lifetime of the equipment, while preventing a proliferation of aging, obsolete, out-of-warranty, unsupported, and incompatible systems.

Program Guidelines

The computers provided through this program are for the primary use of the person to whom the equipment is assigned, and are meant for computing related to university business and is UF property.  Research Centers, lab computers, and self-funded (off-book) programs are excluded from this program. Student staff (RAs, TAs and other student workers) are not eligible to participate in this program.

Replacement eligibility is based upon a 48 month (4 year) replacement cycle. In some cases, if equipment is failing and/or replacement of the equipment is preferable to repair, equipment may be replaced in advance of 48 months.

The equipment provided in this program will be based upon the current list of core hardware recommendations maintained by the DCP IT. We provide funding up to $1000 for desktop and select peripherals. Faculty and staff who wish to upgrade equipment may do so by providing additional funds for the cost difference. In order to meet the goal of keeping our staff and faculty computers up to date and in the best position for support and security, it is crucial that the replaced hardware be cycled-out.

The units are responsible for computer repairs.

The replacement process can take 3-4 weeks, which is dependent on when machines arrive and the availability of the DCP IT staff to encrypt and deliver the machine.

Standard Disposal Process

When the DCP IT technician has successfully deployed your DCP funded new computer, he/she will be taking the old computer with them and placing it in the DCP IT staging area. We will store the old computer for two weeks (on the rare occasion that you will need to access your old computer) and then the DCP Dean’s Office will proceed with the disposal process. A limited number of old computers are cleaned, reconfigured, and kept at the DCP IT office to be used as loaners and backups.  Units may request a loaner from DCP IT and it will be provided to them upon availability.

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