Traveling with DCP Laptops

DCP IT now has the ability to help users who are traveling with a Windows computer. If you are having a technical issue while you are away from campus, Remote Services allows us to remote into your computer and see what issues you are having and assist you with your issue.

The user who is traveling must follow all steps below and submit both a DCP IT ticket and a ticket to Asset Management.

Submitting a Travel Request Ticket to DCP IT

Listed below is a checklist to have when calling or submitting a ticket to travel with DCP computers.

  • Laptop must be a University of Florida IT-managed computer
  • Please include your computer name in the ticket.
  • Please have a date you’d like to have us perform maintenance on the computer.
  • Please include how long you will be traveling.

Submitting a Foreign Travel Request

The traveler or designated departmental staff must submit a Foreign Travel Request through Asset Management.

  • The form can be assessed by the submitter’s gatorlink account.
  • Here is the link to access the form:
  • Asset Management will review and send the submitter a response letter with specific actions that are needed, if applicable.

In addition, the traveler must also complete:

After Submitting a Ticket

Below are the steps to follow after you’ve submitted your ticket.

  • Please bring the laptop to our office at least two weeks before traveling.
  • We will perform all maintenance on the laptop to ensure there are no issues while you’re traveling.
  • This will take 1-3 business days depending on any issues found with the laptop.
  • If any questions need to be asked before traveling, please feel free to call us or email us at

If there are any emergencies, please call us as your earliest convenience.

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