DCP Staff Steps Up for UF Walking Challenge

The Step It Up: 2017 Spring Walking Challenge recently concluded and our DCP team did a great job. Named the Sole Survivors, the team totaled 202,032 steps over the four-week challenge.

The team consisted of Marsha Phillips, Kutonya Sowell, Kjerstin Terry, Keenya Solomon, Lyndsey Diehlman, Benita Harrison, Joseph Carroll, Allicia Bolen, Sallie Schattner, Lorie Drewke and Jeff Lindsey.

“The reason we decided to do this was to promote healthy activity in our daily lives and have fun doing it,” Sallie Schattner said. “It’s amazing how little we sometimes move during a day and this activity helped us all realize we can step it up and move a little more. People could walk on their own for the challenge but we did have some group walks throughout.

“This is the first time we have had a team that included the college,” Schattner added. “In the past it was just a Rinker event. The Rinker School staff has been doing the walking challenge and promoting walking for the past four years.”