De Jong and Kelley Win UF Superior Accomplishment Award

Congratulations to Pat De Jong, Assistant Director of Academic Advising, and Rich Kelley, Senior Systems Programmer at the Rinker School, for winning a 2019 University of Florida Superior Accomplishment Award, which recognizes staff members who contribute outstanding and meritorious service, efficiency and/or economy, or to the quality of life provided to students and employees.

“I am pleased to report that Pat De Jong’s dedication and extra efforts to provide excellent academic advising to DCP students are being recognized and he is selected to receive a Division Three 2019 Superior Accomplishment Award,” DCP Associate Dean Abdol Chini said. “Please join me to congratulate Pat for receiving this very prestigious award.”

“Richard has been employed by the Rinker School for the last 25 years,” Rinker School Director Raymond Issa said. “The Division Three Superior Accomplishment Award is a well-deserved recognition of his many contributions in keeping the Rinker School at the forefront of the successful adoption of new information technologies.”

As recipients of the Division Three Superior Accomplishment Award, Pat and Rich are now being considered for a University-wide Superior Accomplishment Award.

De Jong and Kelley received their awards March 7 at a ceremony that took place in Emerson Alumni Hall. From everyone at DCP, congratulations Pat and Rich!

Pat De Jong

Rich Kelley