Computer Tech Help

DCP IT provides a wide range of Computer Technical support to all faculty, staff, and graduate assistants. Below are some of the computer service we provide.

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Computer Rebuild

There are several reasons you might need to rebuild your computer. Listed below are some advantages to rebuilding your computer:

  • Computer has been running very slow.
  • Computer has been infected with a virus that can’t be removed.
  • Software is not running correctly and reinstalling it does not work.
  • Hard drive has become corrupt.

Understand before requesting a rebuild, this clears out any data.

  • Be sure to have all data backed up onto your H or K drive or an external storage device.
  • If your computer has been infected with a virus, data will have to be tested before being recovered.
  • If your hard drive is corrupt, we will not be able to recover any data that isn’t on the H or K drive.
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